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The Nigerian Drug Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, said it has delivered the product….

The Nigerian Drug Enforcement Administration, NDLEA, said it has taken a sample of A-rinse, a mixture of root juice and other substances that grows mainly in northern Nigeria to a laboratory to determine its effects on the body. those who deal with it.

The NDLEA announced this after a massive seizure of thousands of bottles of A-rinse water and other drugs in Kaduna State, which it said were intended to be transported to other northern states of Nigeria.

The agency said it has seized more than two million different types of illegal drugs in Kaduna, Kogi and Sokoto states and the federal city of Abuja.

Among the ingredients of the drug is the drug A-rinse, which puts the person who uses it for the first time in a difficult situation, where the person will be seen as if he is going to die, vomiting and wheezing.

Many people use it as a supplement that they say makes them feel better or recharged.

In his conversation with the BBC, the Commander of the NDLEA in Kaduna State, Umar Isa Adoro, said that sixty-seven thousand three hundred and fifty-three bottles were seized.

And this is the largest number of people arrested in Kaduna state along with thousands of illegal drugs.

He said that among the bottles of the products they seized, there are more than seven thousand in A-Kurkura.

The President further explained that, “A-kurkura, that is to say, it is wet, they are mixing it up and it is being sold now, because now the Nigerian government has stood up to fight against drugs and this, we are seeing it.” They want him to change the ways of using illegal drugs.”

“When a person drinks a “first timer”, they say that he is taking a hundred and one drugs. They say that almost all the drugs in the world are treating them, but if a person drinks it, you will be sick. He fell to the ground, he was vomiting and they were fighting him and that was the only thing he dared to do, said the Commander.

The NDLEA said that the mixed A-rinse water was tried to be taken to some states in the north of Nigeria, but thousands of the transporters ended up in Kaduna.

The NDLEA has arrested more than fifty people suspected of being involved in the trafficking of A-drugs, which it said it will prosecute in court, but the agency has not clarified when it will do so.

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