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Generator smoke kills wife and husband in Katsina State God willing….

Generator smoke kills wife and husband in Katsina State

ALLAH AKBAR Funerals were held for the husband and wife whose bodies were found inside the house and they were killed in Katsina, God willing.

We Got This News` – ​​By Shaheed Ammar Al’ameen.

The people of Rahamawa area in Katsina town have been saddened by the death of a husband and wife in their house.

It was Friday, 19/08/2020, the people of Rahamawa neighborhood spent the night after the death of a husband and wife. The husband named Murtalad (Over) and his wife Shamsiyya were found dead in the house, both of them were female, a matter that shocked the people of the neighborhood.

It was witnessed that all of them went to visit on Friday, and Shi Murtala was the one who took the Imam of the mosque and brought him back later and went to his house.

His younger brother, Abdullahi, who went to the house of the deceased, told us that “When I came back home after dusk, it was said that there was a knock on Murtala’s house, but he did not open it, so I went to see my younger brother. She blocked us and we went up to the entrance. He entered the house and opened the house for us. When I entered, I looked in the room and saw that there was no one. I came back to the room in the hall and saw that it was locked.

When I came back home, I told them what was happening, they told us to go to the hospital, we got a mask on the face, the husband and the wife were put on the mask, and we got the car owner to take him to the hospital, even when we went to the doctor, he told us that All of them have passed away, thank God.

When we asked him if there was something they thought caused their death, he told us, “We really thought it was the generator smoke because it was in their living room and here is the engine.”

Their funeral was done according to the religion of Islam and thousands of people accompanied them to their resting place.

May God bless them and forgive us and when we come, may God fill us with faith.

This is a little bit from our report on what happened to two married couples who passed away.

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