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The United States has agreed to return 23 million dollars to Nigeria….

The United States has agreed to return an additional twenty-three million dollars 23 to Nigeria.

These funds were part of the money that former military president Sani Abacha allegedly stole and kept in the United States.

Last Tuesday, the two countries reached an agreement in Abuja on the issue of these funds.

The Minister of Justice of Nigeria, Abubakar Malami, signed the agreement, while the American ambassador to the country, Maru Leonard, represented her country in the agreement presented.

Justice Minister Malami said that if the money is returned, it will be spent on projects that will build the country.

In 2020, America returned to Nigeria with more than 300 million dollars.

Former President Abacha, who died in 1998, is accused of stealing billions of dollars from the country and keeping them abroad.

Similarly, in recent years, the Nigerian government has recovered some of the money that was stolen and hidden in countries like Switzerland, Great Britain and the United States.

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