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A 74-year-old man married Rahamat Muhammad, a 74-year-old….

Masha Allah A 74 year old man married his wife named Rahama Muhammad who is about 45 years old in the world.

Toffa Ansha Biki Kana Ansha The celebration of this servant of God named Malam Muhammad Auwal where relatives and rich friends were gathered and a party was held.

Because We Can Say That This Woman’s Aura Came Out From Her Ex-Husband’s House and Married This Man Named Malam Muhammad Auwal Because We Can Say That They Loved Each Other Since They Were Young.

This is a little bit from our report on the incident of how Mr. Muhammadu Auwal, 74 years old, married a 45-year-old girl, thank God, we had a safe wedding and it ended safely, as you can see in the pictures of their wedding ceremony in this report.

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