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A Wonderful Love Follow Khalid and Halima’s School Love….

KHALID AND HALIMA met ten years ago and they met in university, but Khalid was in his last year of university studies.
Then Halima is in the first round.

This is a very sweet love story that we got from the actress Halima where she shared their short love story like this.

We were both skeptical about relationships as I was in my freshman year and I wasn’t ready for a relationship until at least year Two.

Khalid, who was in his final year at the time, also told everyone that he didn’t plan a relationship until after university.

Our first meeting was so much fun and we connected like magic! We can’t stop calling or texting each other after this day.”

Our relationship has grown over the years and we have worked diligently to have a good relationship.

So we are excited to take our first step ever, after Ten years.

This Is The Love Story Of Halima And Khalid Go On Don’t Worry To Get To The End Of The Story – We Would Like To Get Your Opinions Through Imana Comment.

This is the end of this story of ours and here is a short story about the family of Murgayi Rabiu Musa Dan Ibro.

We have brought you this story because you have heard the same things about this incident and after their separation from Rabi’u Musa Dan Ibro.

We would like to hear your opinions, who listen to us often. This report of ours will start like this.

After the death of Rabi’u Musa Dan Ibro, who is one of the leading actors in the Kannywood industry, now his son, Sun.

Hannafi Dan Ibro – The Most Known Hannafi Rabilu Musa Continues To Take Care Of His Brothers And Parents And In Another Video Of His.

He explained to his fans how proud he is of his ability and how much he cares for them.

Now the mother of Rabi’u Musa son of Ibro is still here in Ranta and God bless her and she is receiving good care from his family.

This Kenan is a brief history of how the people of Murgayi, Rabiu Musa and Ibro lived in Kenan.

This Is Our Full Report About What Dan Ibro Did That Is Hannafi.


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