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Nabil and Nabila’s Love Story There is a Confusion in It

The Love Story of Jamil and Nabila Whose Story Begins Like This

Jamil says that he is a good student and a self-controlled person.

San’Nan doesn’t worry about taking care of girls, he lives his life knowingly because his job is good for him.

Jamil Yanna to the University of Kano City at Saadatu Rimi College where he is conducting his studies.

There is no doubt that one day Jamil was walking on his way to get out of his school and he returned home suddenly and hit a young girl who he thought was hitting a cigarette.

Only she and Dataga continued his journey without patience. She quickly stopped in front of him where she was going and took her hand and slapped him with hot words of insults and insults.

But when the data hit him and his face was unable to bear the strength of Marin data.

Because she didn’t stop seeing Saba’s face until after he got up from the fall, she saw him as a very handsome young man.

The thing that will surprise you is when one day she stares at him until she can’t take her eyes off his.

Jamil’s girlfriend then said, “I’m sorry, son of God, I didn’t pay attention, that’s why I hit you, and I paid attention.”

Hearing his speech touched her heart because she had never heard such a sweet speech.

After appreciating his patience, he went on and continued his journey where she was and looked at him.

From that time on, Nabila fell in love with Jamil in her heart and said that there is no one in the world that she loves more than her.



It was morning and Jamil came to her school where he was also thinking about what happened to this girl yesterday.

He even wanted to approach their class and was thinking about what she did to him.

After entering the class, he sat down. Teacher Yashigo started to read them, then he turned to talk to his classmate, where his turn was difficult.

This is the love story of Jamil and Nabila, the first part. Welcome to the next story to hear the progress of this love story of Jamil and Nabila.

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