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Sweet Love See How It Was Between Nabil and Nabila Confused Love…

A Wonderful and Confusing Love Story.

We Stopped Where Nabila Said To Kill Herself If Jamil Didn’t Accept Her Love That’s Why Jamil Didn’t Say He Loved Nabila.

At that time, Nabila hated the whole world and she just cried and killed herself and rested with this love.

Nabila went up to a very tall floor and she called Nabil’s name where she said that if you don’t say you love me then I will fall from the top and I will die because I don’t know your love.

Soon people were gathering so much that Jamil was called because he came to see what was happening with his beloved Nabila and he said that he would not go or I would call Tafado and be careful.


Nabila is gathering people who are really big and they are impatient for her to come down, but she said that if she reaches five, she will fall immediately. Nabila starts counting until she reaches five.

Then she jumped from the top where she was taken to Asu Biti in order to save her life. Jamil came outside quickly but Nabila was still bleeding.

After she was taken to the hospital and by the power of God, the doctors were able to save her life.

Soon Jamil went to the hospital to check.

Then he went to where she was feeling ashamed and then he asked for patience and said, “Son of God, forgive me for what I did to you.”

San’Nan Jamil said, Be patient, son of God, I love you and I can’t live without you. I love you Nabila – I love you Nabila.

After Nabila was released from the morning, then they finished their university studies and got married where they are now husband and wife.

Are you enjoying this heartwarming story because of how your loved ones suffer when expressing love to their lover.

This Is The Complete Love Story Of Nabila And Jamil – You Are Really Enjoying This Love Story So We Would Like To Get Your Opinions Through Imana Comment.


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