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A man gave birth to an ugly baby and said it was not his son

Spitting Big Talk’ Now a person gave birth to a bad baby and said that he will not pay for the medicine, this child is not mine because of the badness of the child, God is the king.

A Servant of God, a son of Nigeria, hiding his name, has released some pictures of the baby, showing his sadness and frustration because of the evil that his son is doing to him.

A person is also surprised if the child is the son that his wife gave birth to as his son and there is no way he will do it because the doctors have confirmed that it is his son.


But the way the father says it is like this. According to him, the child is too bad to say that it is his son, so he will not accept the results of the pregnancy test.

The man is full of suspicions that his wife is dealing with others outside.

May God bring relief because this person needs prayer and does not know who will give birth to us, but let’s pray to God for a child and be patient with destiny and accept this child.

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