On Thursday, the buying and selling of international football players will be closed

On Thursday night, the market for buying and selling football players will be closed in some countries in Europe including England – Mohammed Abdu has put together for you the things you should know about the trade that took place.

This year’s Premier League market starts on 10th June 2022, once the trade ends on Thursday 1st September 2022 – the market will reopen on 1st January 2023.

Premier League clubs have already spent around £1.7bn in the transfer market which will be completed at midnight on Thursday.


In the 2017 season there was an expensive purchase of £1.43bn.

There has been an increase in trade after the corona virus which has been delayed for the last two seasons, especially the lack of income for the clubs – £1.1bn was spent last year.

Seven clubs in the Premier League have signed players at the most expensive level in their history for more than £30m each in the 2021 transfer window.

The market for buying and selling players in the English Premier League and Football League teams will close at 23:00 GMT on Thursday 1 September, one hour after the closing time in Scotland.

In Spain, where Barcelona spent a lot of money to buy players this year, the market will be closed at 23:00 and in France at 22:00.

The Italian market will close at 19:00 and the German market will close at 17:00 on Thursday.

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