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The skeleton of a 4-year-old man was discovered and his body was found…

The skeleton of a man who died 4 years ago has now been discovered.

Residents of Adeosun Idi Orogbo Town in Ido Local Government Area of ​​Oyo State were left in confusion last Sunday after they found their landlord, Mr. John Aderemi Abiola, dead in his room almost four years after he was last seen last year. 2018.

This was discovered after the local community decided to enter Nasa’s house with the approval of the police.

In order to clear the forest in his house that invaded his wall to the next house.

As the year 2019 entered 2020, the residents of the town began to wonder where the man would be since they stopped seeing him in the neighborhood.

After it was noticed that the grass in the compound of his house was too much, the owners of the neighborhood decided in a meeting to search the entrance to the compound of his house in order to clear the forest in his house.

After they finished their trash, they went into his room to see how the room was difficult to enter and they came across this man who was dead and turned into a skeleton, thank God.

This incident has surprised the people so much that they have informed the authorities about the situation so that they can come and see this Kenan.

Well, here we have brought the end of our report on this case of finding the dead body of this servant of God. We are asking God to protect the Muslims.

Go ahead and join us in this special blessed home AVONOREN.COM news site.

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