Cooking with additional virgin olive oil helps protect meals vitamins – Revista Galileu

Cooking with additional virgin olive oil helps protect meals vitamins – Revista Galileu

Extra virgin olive oil can reduce the loss of nutrients in food during cooking (Photo: Produce/Steve Buissinne via Pixabay)

Additional virgin olive oil can scale back the lack of vitamins in meals throughout cooking (Photograph: Produce/Steve Buissinne through Pixabay)

Along with being wealthy in monounsaturated fat, bioactive compounds, nutritional vitamins, amongst others, additional virgin olive oil can scale back the lack of meals vitamins throughout cooking. That is what the evaluate of greater than 90 scientific papers by researcher José Fernando Rinaldi de Alvarenga, who receives funding from FAPESP and postdoctoral fellow on the Meals Analysis Heart (FoRC), Analysis Heart, Innovation and Diffusion (CEPID) exhibits. College of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the College of São Paulo (USP).

The analysis was performed in collaboration with colleagues on the College of Barcelona, ​​Spain, and was printed in an article in a scientific journal. Developments in Meals Science and Expertise.

“Earlier than any clarification, you will need to reject as soon as and for all that cooking with this oil will not be wholesome”, mentioned Alvarenga, in an interview with the ForC Communication Workplace. Prior to now, based on him, it was believed that the fatty acids in additional virgin olive oil shall be blended at a excessive temperature. “That is attributable to oil fumes, when the oil begins to burn, smoke and oxidize. Though its smoke level happens at decrease temperatures than different oils, at present we all know that the smoke doesn’t come from these fatty acids, however from small parts of the oil. Additional virgin olive oil is as ‘resistant’ to excessive temperatures as different oils.”

He explains that in additional virgin olive oil there’s a predominance of monounsaturated fat, which, amongst different advantages, have antioxidant energy. “Due to this motion, the spoilage of olive oil is sluggish in comparison with different oils. And that protects the vitamins within the oil itself and within the meals.”

An instance is the bioactive compounds in meals, which have many helpful properties for well being. “Pure olive oil helps to guard the phytochemicals from being oxidized. This makes cooked meals more healthy, because it preserves essential substances that may disappear. When evaluating tomato stew with oil, for instance, the quantity of lycopene might be diminished with out the presence of oil within the cooking course of. Nevertheless, through the use of additional virgin olive oil, we have been capable of protect this compound related to the prevention of prostate most cancers”, commented his colleague after the physician.

The affect of cooking

Research present, nevertheless, that the degradation of bioactive compounds varies based on the cooking technique used. Many research have been reviewed on the lack of vitamins by means of meals ready within the oven, in a pan, sautéed, fried or sautéed, utilizing the Spanish approach referred to as stew, just like the preparation of moqueca or pot meat.

“We have now seen that the approach that promotes the best discount is the preparation within the oven, because it includes a really excessive temperature and an extended cooking time”, explains Alvarenga.

Discount ranges additionally fluctuate relying on the bioactive compound. Within the case of drugs that don’t include water, reminiscent of carotenoids and fat-soluble nutritional vitamins, boiling and steaming are the most effective methods to protect these substances. Then again, there’s a nice loss in them when it’s microwaved and fried.

In response to the researcher, you will need to spotlight that there is no such thing as a reverse approach. “However, on the whole, if the purpose is to take advantage of the vitamins of plant meals and olive oil, it’s higher to make use of strategies with shorter cooking occasions and decrease temperatures.”


For Alvarenga, additional virgin olive oil brings advantages as a result of it doesn’t undergo the identical industrial processes as the preferred oils in Brazil, reminiscent of sunflower, soy and corn. “The Mediterranean weight-reduction plan is taken into account the healthiest on the planet, largely due to olive oil. One of many causes for that is that many of the oil is extracted instantly from the olives. That’s, they don’t undergo the purification course of”, he explains. “The processing of virgin olive oil doesn’t contain heating, solely bodily processes reminiscent of chilly urgent, centrifugation and filtration, which protect these compounds.”

There are oils produced from totally different olives, arbequina, picual and hojiblanca are a number of the commonest. Nevertheless, within the examine it was famous that this has little impact after cooking, and the quantity of natural matter within the closing product. “What must be taken under consideration will not be the kind of olive, however the circumstances of its development. That’s, the climate, the temperature and the quantity of rain. Along with the phrases of launch, processing and storage”, the researcher factors out.

*With data from the ForC Communications Workplace.


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