Olaria Independents reveal 2023 plot synopsis

Olaria Independents reveal 2023 plot synopsis

Logo of the plot Independentes de Olaria 2023. Photo: Publicity

Emblem of the plot Independentes de Olaria 2023. Picture: Publicity

“Merìndílógún – Speech of the Ancestors” is the topic of the plot of the Independentes de Olaria within the subsequent Carnival. The 2023 venture can be developed by carnival artists Alex Carvalho and Caio Cidrini.

Peultimate to parade with the Silver Collection on Saturday, February twenty fifth, Lobo Forte da Leopoldina will provoke the mysteries and information of Merìndílógún, the oracle that connects Orum and Ayé, being a strong channel of communication with the gods.

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Learn the plot abstract:


Within the 2023 Carnival, the Independents de Olaria begin within the universe of Merìndílógún, the “recreation of 16”, which in crossing the troublesome South Atlantic is called the “recreation of the whelks” right here. To have a look at this problem is to take care of one of many authorized parts that comprised Afro-Brazilian faith, particularly Candomblé.

Earlier than that, and extra…

It’s wanting in direction of distant Africa if you get up to the presence of smart diviners – and even; ancestors, elders and griots – who, by passing on their information by way of oral custom to their group, change into actual guardians, pillars for the dissemination and continuation of the wealthy “African legends” the place they’re referred to as “Itãns”. These tales, informed and retold from era to era, have been later tailored each in oral literature and have become crucial truths, even when they’re nonetheless secret, of their sects, traditions and religions.

A kind of legends that has not been misplaced over time and has come to our area is the episode the place “Oxum lies down with Exu to study the sport of cattle”, the primary place of our carnival. The report clearly defines the “center triangle” of the principle parts of the divination system: Orunmila, Eshu and Oxum. Hooked up to the standard land of the Yoruba folks, the merìndilogun formally turned one of many fundamental types of their faith: the channel of communication between Orum and Ayê was established in Africa!

Centuries have handed…

In Calunga’s Crossing, a narrative that unites us without end as sorrow and pleasure. Mutilated corpses arrive in giant numbers, torn from their homeland. Despatched to the territory of Brazil, particularly in Recôncavo Baiano, the primary Yoruba arrived at the start of the nineteenth century.

Subsequent to the physique of peculiar women and men who could be tied to the tumbeiros, there have been additionally, in giant numbers, kings, queens and monks. These folks resist the destruction of their folks, habits, customs and traditions by establishing in Bahia the attainable conventional fashions of non secular homes of their birthplaces. On this context, we make a correct and honorable point out of Rodolfo Manoel Martins de Andrade, Bamboxê Obitikô, one of many first and most related figures of Brazilian Candomblé in managing and spreading the artwork of speaking to the ancestors by way of the “divination board” .

Along with speaking with the sacred, the whelk is a bodily and religious software that makes all of the power of the “Home of Axé” flow into. From the encounter with the orixás, by way of the ceremonies and rituals of initiation, to the choices and obligations requested, every part within the lifetime of Ilê Axé consists of the sport of cattle, the autumn of its 16 and the interpretation of its methods.

And so, between the final half of the nineteenth century and all the course of the twentieth century, Candomblé unfold all through Brazil. The Yoruba-Nago matrix is ​​now very robust in areas like Rio de Janeiro; simply because the verbal apply of the cattle recreation adopted this path, it turned the principle type of divination, crossing even spiritual boundaries.

At this time you possibly can see “Joga-se Búzios” in every single place! on posters or graffiti of many differing kinds, promoting the ancestral artwork of divination. Who has not needed to take their luck and know their methods? There are numerous ontological questions that we frequently ask the sport, as they reside within the discipline of our worries and our hopes.

We’re certain that this clear drive of Afro-Brazilian resistance has gained, we’ll rejoice by telling and singing the story of Merìndílógún.

What’s going to occur to Pottery on this world?

“Sure Méji!” Open the roads!


On African soil, the birthplace of Yoruban
Smart soothsayers, possessors of the holy phrase;
They are saying Orunmila, the Lord of Future
He was the keeper of the thriller of animals and the artwork of divination.

To keep up contact with the group
Orunmila imparts the teachings of the sport to Obatalá.
Studying essentially the most fascinating future of Oxum,
Who’s in search of his satisfaction
Information of Merindílógún

Till you bathe within the river
Obatalá took off his garments
Exu, sneaking, took his garments and left,
The Lord of the White Cloths had come!

It was then that Oxum proposed an trade:
He would return his robes and have the key of the goats.
You discovered Exu on the crossroads
He robbed her to get garments
And it rapidly achieved its mission
Incomes a Promised Wage

And so Merìdílógún was unfold to the African folks
The final word supply of religious communication
To him who unites the mysteries of Orum and Ayê
The speech of the ancestors!

However on the best way to Calunga,
The crossing was an limitless sea of ​​ache
There was additionally a crown arrange right here
Clergymen, kings, queens…
Hiya Bamboxe Obitiko!
The primary Casas de Axé have been established on Bahian soil
Protecting the Yoruba-Nago custom
It kinds the roots of our Candomblé.

At this time it’s unfold all through Brazil
Grooms are nonetheless resistant
By licensed fingers,
There are 16 odus that information the counselor
Rituals, circumcision, boris, ebos…
Every part goes in its personal means.

And amidst the questions and solutions, the oracle turned well-known
“Joga-se Búzios” is in every single place
There are numerous objectives: work, cash, well being, love…
Generally open roads, typically closed roads… what’s going to or not it’s?

Everytime you want a message!
Asking your vacation spot,
Olaria needed to know your luck!
Within the recreation, there was no different: “Àlààfiá Méjì!
It is time for Sturdy Wolf!

Alex Carvalho, Caio Cidrini and Felipe Costa

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